Meet Our Pastor


Pastor Kermit grew up in the Texas panhandle, the youngest of five children. After working in the family business, at the age of 18, the Lord changed the direction of his life.  Upon completing a B.S. in Business Management he enrolled in seminary where He earned his M.A. in Biblical LIterature.  In 1985 he joined the pastoral team at GT as the Business Administrator.  He has served as the Lead Pastor since 2003. He has been married to Cindy for 31 years. Four of their five children are married and the youngest is in college. In addition to serving as pastor for GT, Kermit enjoys gourmet cooking, traveling, and riding with Cindy in their 1969 Datsun Roadster, which he personally restored.  They love the Austin area and consider it a privilege to be part of God’s work in the city.

Bell Family Wedding

Joshua, Mitch & Katie (White), Kermit, Hayley & Michael, Cindy, Sarah & Richard (Mann),  Lauren & Chris

[Excerpt from Pastor Kermit Bell’s Blog]

When I was growing up in the church we rarely missed a service. I had to be sick in bed (which I faked a few times) if I wanted stay home instead of going to church service. That’s just the way it was.

When I entered vocational ministry almost 28 years ago the committed core- the people who carried the lion share of resourcing the church with time and money- would be absent from Sunday services about once every three months. Today the committed core is absent on average 3-4 times every quarter. This mean the main leaders that are moving the vision forward are there about 75% of the time. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Of course, we all realize the pace of work and life has sped up exponentially and doesn’t appear it will ever slow down. I think I speak for many pastors when I say we understand the demands of life and are sympathetic to the impact this has on church attendance, but, there is a dangerous trend developing that sees participation in weekly worship service as optional. Human nature hasn’t changed and… [READ MORE]