(re)life Mission

Our Mission

In fulfilling the vision of ReLife Student Ministries we have the mission to help students “relate, renew, and release”. We believe that through relating to the student’s culture and exposing them to the Word of God, that their hearts, souls, and minds will be renewed. Then, and only then can they can be released into ministry to accomplish the will of God.

We can help shape a student’s world view from one of this culture to a Godly world view through our interactions and relationships with a student and their family. Acts 17 shows us that Paul went into foreign lands, learned their views and connected with the people by relating their ideas and customs to scriptural truth. Through Paul’s example we connect students into a relationship with a body of believers and to God.

Once in a relationship with God and in a community of believers we help guide students to a moment of renewal (Romans 12:2). Once renewed by the work of the Holy Spirit, a student is better equipped to impact the world around them for Christ.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere in which students can seek God for their calling and direction for future ministry. Through the many environments inside and outside of ReLife, we work to teach students how to seek God’s will for their life and how to fulfill His calling on their life. Once students have been equipped and released, through Christ, they can do anything!