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New church to celebrate Easter
By Linda Lattanzio,
Leader Staff Writer
Glad Tidings of Austin will celebrate Easter and the renewal of God’s promise to all men with the opening of its newest branch, Grace Alive, in Liberty Hill. The new Assembly of God Christian family purchased the old Liberty Chapel (more recently Resurrection Life) facility on Highway 29 just west of town, almost directly across from Liberty Hill Cemetery. The 30-year-old facility was first constructed and dedicated by Larry Donahue. That Donahue was the same man that started Glad Tidings of Austin. Which brings the facility full circle. In recognition of this special man, the church building is being rededicated to him and his memory.
Pastor Dawn Slack first started Grace Alive eight years ago with Bible stories held at her home.
“Two years ago they (Resurrection Life) approached us to see if we were interested in buying the facility,” she said. It took about a year to finalize the deal. Since then the old church has seen major renovation.
In January 2010 extreme weather conditions caused all the water pipes in the building to burst. Before anyone knew what had happened, the entire building was flooded.
“That all but destroyed the building,” Slack said. “It was flooded pretty badly.
“But we found termite damage we wouldn’t have if we hadn’t had to replace the dry wall,” Slack put a bright note on the damage. As a result, the building sparkles with all new dry wall, new flooring, new paint and a new life.
“It’s kinda neat how it has grown,” Slack said.
The grand opening Easter celebration will include a church service at 10 a.m., followed by an Easter egg hunt, moon walks, and a barbecue dinner. Everyone in the community is invited to come worship and celebrate with Grace Alive.
The Slacks have lived in Liberty Hill for 13 years. Sons Joshua, Caleb, and Micah all graduated from Liberty Hill High School. Benjamin will graduate next year. Caleb has joined his mother as youth pastor at Grace Alive.
“He’s my associate as well,” Slack said. “Everyone calls him Ca-Love. The kids all love him. He doesn’t know a stranger.”
“This is a church of new beginnings,” Slack said. “Thanks to God we are here. God’s grace is alive and well.”

Power Hour


Power Hour is Kid City's version of Sunday School.  Instead of sitting in a classroom with other students of the same age, our model divides and multiplies!  Based on Mark 12:30, our children see EVERY Sunday how to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength!

Loving the Lord with all your HEART has to stir up some kind of Passion!  Each Sunday we have a different guest speaker share theirs; Fireman, Maintenance Engineer, Mom, Missionary, Worship Leader.....always a different source loving the Lord with their WHOLE heart!

We talk about how our SOUL is really the part of 'us' that WHOLLY communicates (communes!) with the Father.

Using our whole MIND, we learn how to navigate through the Bible; Old or New Testament, Chapter, Verse, History, Law, stories, facts, and so much more!!!

We build our STRENGTH by exercising our physical temples.  Sometimes we use hula hoops, sometimes a Prayer Walk, sometimes counting how many stairs are between the 1st and 3rd floors!.....and sometimes we do a little Cha Cha Slide!

And what would ANY Sunday School be without SNAX?

Come join us most Sunday mornings ......9:45 - 10:55am 2nd and 3rd floors!

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