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Thank You for Registering for MOPS. Please complete the following form if you have not previously registered your child(ren) with GTAustin.

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System for Mainstreet Substitution

S.I.P. (System In Place) for Finding a Sub

(Revised 7.9.14)

The minute you realize you will NOT be able to serve on your scheduled Sunday (going out of town, have company coming in, neighborhood parade, whatever!!!) …..please call/email/text your TEAM LEADER (with a cc to [email protected]) to let them know you are in the process of finding  an Approved Substitute.  Now, HERE’S the process!

  1. Contact another Partnering Parent from the Schedule with whom you could possibly switch Sundays.
    • Who knows….they might need to switch dates also!
  2. Contact someone from the MAIN STREET SUBSTITUTE list.
    • This is a list of wonderful, already-approved workers who are NOT on the rotation schedule, who MIGHT be able to help on your needed day, but are under NO OBLIGATION to accept!
  3. If you are still unsuccessful in finding a sub, Contact your Team Leader. 
    • They will ask the OTHER Team Leaders if they know of anyone willing to ‘switch’ for your particular date.  Be sure to let them know everyone you ‘tried’ to get coverage from, so duplicate requests are not made!  The TEAM LEADERS will do their best to ‘cover the hole’.  If they are still unsuccessful, they will contact Eula/Kathy, and your job is done!

Another POSSIBILITY, but not requirement, would be to create your ‘personal’ sub.

  • We would like to encourage EVERYONE to ask a relative, close friend, grandparent, neighbor, someone you would trust to give care to YOUR child……to be your ‘personal’ sub!  They would need to sign the Consent for a Background Check form AND fill out a Volunteer Worker Application, so they could become an approved worker, serving only in YOUR absence!

The secret to getting an Approved Substitute is to be proactive rather than waiting till the last minute AND confirming that EVERYBODY is on the same page!  Our goal is to have a confirmed list no later than 9:00pm the Wednesday before your scheduled Sunday if at ALL possible.

Obviously, you have no control over any emergencies during those next 3 days, so if you or your child becomes ill or another emergency arises, please make one simple phone call/text to Kathy Stewart, 512.775.8183.  We will make other arrangements and pray the prayer of faith with you for your special need!

Thank you for serving so graciously and seeing the importance in this S.I.P. 

We are ALWAYS open to new suggestions and ways to better our communication so that we Build Spiritual Champions TOGETHER!!!

Main Street Benchmarks

Benchmarks for Main Street revised 7.14

Power Hour


Power Hour is Kid City’s version of Sunday School.  Instead of sitting in a classroom with other students of the same age, our model divides and multiplies!  Based on Mark 12:30, our children see EVERY Sunday how to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength!

Loving the Lord with all your HEART has to stir up some kind of Passion!  Each Sunday we have a different guest speaker share theirs; Fireman, Maintenance Engineer, Mom, Missionary, Worship Leader…..always a different source loving the Lord with their WHOLE heart!

We talk about how our SOUL is really the part of ‘us’ that WHOLLY communicates (communes!) with the Father.

Using our whole MIND, we learn how to navigate through the Bible; Old or New Testament, Chapter, Verse, History, Law, stories, facts, and so much more!!!

We build our STRENGTH by exercising our physical temples.  Sometimes we use hula hoops, sometimes a Prayer Walk, sometimes counting how many stairs are between the 1st and 3rd floors!…..and sometimes we do a little Cha Cha Slide!

And what would ANY Sunday School be without snacks!?

Come join us most Sunday mornings …… 9:45am – 10:55am 2nd and 3rd floors!

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