Small Groups

We at GTAustin want to help everyone who attends our church find and be a part of a small group. We believe small groups are the key to connecting in a Biblical way with other members of the body of Christ. Our Small Groups provide healthy fellowship in a community marked by Christian love and oneness.

Genuine fellowship isn’t practical in a crowd of several hundred or more. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd, to feel lonely even though you may be surrounded by many other worshipers. That’s why we have Small Groups. In the intimate surrounding of a Small Group, you can develop close relationships . . . you can “know and be known.”

The Small Groups are as much “church” as the larger corporate gathering of believers. Jesus’ ministry was in small groups as well as large. All of the “one another” commands in Scripture (love one another; pray for one another; be kind to one another) can only be truly obeyed and experienced in a small group setting.

There are many small groups of GTAustin people meeting throughout the week in various places and at various times. Our Small Groups are as different as they are many. There are groups defined by geographical boundaries, men’s groups, women’s groups, special interest groups, college groups, and groups for junior and senior high school students. You are sure to find a Small Group in your neighborhood or one with a specific interest that you can be a part of as you connect with other members of the GTAustin family.

Please contact [email protected] or call the church offices at 512.459.5481 for more information!