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#BigVision #BigGod 

GTAustin has always gone above and beyond when reaching out to people, both in planting churches, campus ministries and missions projects around the world.

That desire to continue to reach out locally and globally is never going away – in fact, it is only growing stronger.

God’s call for GTAustin is so big that it is hard to not be excited about what God is doing – and going to do! We have this audacious vision that everyone in the GTAustin family feel the call of God and participate in a significant way. Whether serving or giving, everyone at GTAustin has a part to play.

As we say: Everyone Attends, Everyone Invites, Everyone Gives, Everyone Serves. That is more than a passive comment, it is an invitation to be a part of what God is doing through GTAustin.

Our purpose reaches far beyond our ‘four walls’. When it comes to making a difference in the world, it’s not just for someone else – it’s for everyone.

Join with us as we partner together to reach locally, globally and to future generations.

Pastor Michael & Tamara Norman



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